Developer Guide

Running Test Suite

tests subdirectory contains a number of tests for the moddy simulator.

To run all tests:

cd tests
python -m unittest

Updating the docs

The docs subdirectory contains the source files for the sphinx documentation.

First, ensure you have installed sphinx:

To update the docs, create a new directory moddy-docs in parallel to the directory where you checked out moddy master branch.

mkdir moddy-docs
cd moddy-docs
git clone -b gh-pages html

Then you should have a directory structure like this.

moddy                                   directory where you checked out moddy master branch

moddy-docs                              directory where you checked out moddy gh-pages branch

Then, go to moddy/docs and run:

cd ../moddy/docs
make html

This updates the moddy-docs/html content.

When you commit and push moddy-docs/html back, you’ll should see the update on

Creating PDF

Requires a latex installation. For windows, I used

cd ../moddy/docs
make latex

cd ../../moddy-docs/latex
pdflatex ModdyDiscreteEventSimulator.tex

I had to run pdflatex twice to resolve references.

This creates ModdyDiscreteEventSimulator.pdf.