Porting from Moddy 1 to 2

Moddy 2 has been completely reworked to comply with pep8 conventions.

No wildcard import

Instead of

from moddy import *

class MyClass(simPart)


import moddy

class MyClass(moddy.SimPart)

Rename all parameters to moddy APIs to snake_case

E.g. parameters to the __init__ method

objName -> obj_name

parentObj -> parent_obj

Rename all moddy methods to names to snake_case

E.g. scheduler addVThread -> add_vthread

readMsg -> read_msg

nMsg -> n_msg

smartBind -> smart_bind

Rename changed/moved moddy methods

addAnnotation -> annotation

sim:setDisplayTimeUnit -> Sim.tracing:set_display_time_unit

moddyGenerateSequenceDiagram -> moddy.gen_gen_interactive_sequence_diagram (Note: fmt parameter has been removed)

moddyGenerateStructureGraph -> moddy.gen_dot_structure_graph

Rename constants

ns -> NS (or moddy.NS)

us -> US

ms -> MS

bcWhiteOnGreen -> BC_WHITE_ON_GREEN (or moddy.BC_WHITE_ON_GREEN)

Rename your message and timer callbacks

<port>Recv -> port_recv

<tmr>Expired -> tmr_expired

Rename to new class names

sim -> Sim

simPart -> SimPart

vtSchedRtos -> VtSchedRtos

vThread -> VThread

vSimpleProg -> VSimpleProg

Rename your ports (optional)

Recommended, so that port callbacks are snake_case named.

e.g. serPort -> ser_port

Rename your state callbacks in FSMs

State_xxx_Entry -> state_xxx_entry

State_xxx_Exit -> state_xxx_exit

State_xxx_Do -> state_xxx_do

State_ANY_xxx -> state_any_xxx

Rename message and timer callbacks in SimFsmParts

xxx_Msg -> xxx_msg

xxx_Expired -> xxx_expired

Rename your states in FSMs (optional)

Recommended, so that fsm callbacks are snake_case named.

e.g. Off -> off